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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

It is indisputable that human and nature are created to compliment and supplement one another.

While technology and science may advance and help us find new solutions to cope with the effect of urbanization, unrestrained corporate greed has a tendency to distort many of our basic understandings of life and health. As such, we find many of the medical reports confusing, and at times, at odd with our logic and reasoning.

One moment, it can be about some new medical breakthrough, and at another, a new report will point to another new craze.

The impact of the internet has also severely impacted on our once healthy and normal behaviour and lifestyle. Instead of enjoying nature and the outdoors, the living room is now the space for almost everything.

We are now eating processed food right from our living room, making our kitchen rather redundant, more like a show piece.

As technology becomes more pervasive, many are now socializing out of their living room instead of going out to enjoy the real company of friends. Even exercises are now done right in our living room.

This "Living-Room Syndrome" is sedentary and has a negative impact our health and longevity.

Just take a look at the range of chronic and lifestyle diseases that are reducing so many into medicine-popping freaks, as if we are born to be sick and dysfunctional.

If we do not take back control of our lives, then the greed of the corporate world and pharmaceutical giants will control us like puppets.

It is wiser to break out of this syndrome to appreciate the beauty, wonder and the many benefits that nature offers. Time we take back control of our lives.

Simply enjoying the sun on our face, to relaxing our mind by appreciating the beauty and wonder of how nature, will do us wonders for a start.

Take a walk or do some light exercises at the park with friends to break a sweat is much better than socializing from our sofa.

Unless you have surrendered away your life to accepting the needless “pains and sufferings” that chronic diseases bring or be contented with medication "till death do us part", then the best time to take back control of your life is always “now”.

Staying healthy does not have to cost you if you are smart about it.

With good health, you can do more and enjoy what life has to offer.

Victorian Herbal is exploring with doctors and dedicated health practitioners to bring you more exciting opportunities to learn more about staying healthy. So stay in touch with us.

If you are a medical doctor or a dedicated health practitioner, from Qigong, Tai Chi or aerobic yoga, to any exercise that is beneficial and can empower healthier socializing, can contact us for further discussion.

Collectively as a community, we hope to offer more avenues and opportunities for everyone to stay healthier in a fun and sustainable way. If we do not help one another, who else would?

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