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Years of caring for your family and loved ones can take its toll on the overall health and wellness of the primary Caregivers & Homemakers.

Unfortunately, not many people appreciate their selfless contributions and may think that their prevailing pains & aches is a result of ageing instead of the strains suffered from their repetitive use of their joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments & nerves to keep the family going, day after day.

When we start adding up the many unresolved injuries that may accumulate over the years, the occupational health of Caregivers & Homemakers can be devastatingly challenging.

Show your appreciation by helping them to find the Best Option forward in addressing their constant stiffness, pains & aches.

If chronic injuries, pains & aches are not properly resolved while the body can still rejuvenate or restore itself, then our overall sleep, mood and quality of life can be adversely affected as we age.

Taking Back Control Of Your Life:

Time to take back control of your life with our FULL BODY REBALANCING Therapy that utilizes our proprietary NERVE DECOMPRESSION technique that is systematically integrated with advanced therapies from Sports Science, Martial Arts & TCM, and active release techniques used in Rehabilitation of Occupational, Sports & Stroke Related Injuries.

With a Success Rate of up to 95% in resolving stiffness, pains & aches effectively within the first session, give your body a chance to be Pain-Free, Ache-Free & Injury-Free once again.

If you have any unresolved injuries that all doctors or physicians had written you off or is looking at the option of surgery to fix your pains & aches, do talk to us about it.

WhatsApp us at (+65) 8896 6529 for an appointment today and stay connected with us on Facebook:

nerve-physio CLINIQUE remains a wholly owned extension of VICTORIAN HERBAL and it is equally dedicated to Empowering A Healthier & Functional Community…

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