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Quality Assurance

At VICTORIAN HERBAL, we take our Brand & Quality Assurance very seriously. With every purchase of our therapeutic supplements, you can be assured that:

A.    Manufacturing Facilities:
All our herbal extracts are produced within facilities that are:

I)    Quality Management Certified System GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008 [with valid NOA Certificate],
II)    Registered with the US-Food & Drug Administration “FDA”, 
III)    Certified 100% Organic - US National Organic Program 7 CFR Part 205 [CERES],
IV)    Halal-certified,
V)    Kosher-certified.

B.    Test-Laboratories:
All our herbal extracts are individually batch-tested and certified to ensure that all our herbal extracts used are tested against globally-accepted Food Standards:

I)    Heavy metals: 
Total Heavy Metals [≤10ppm] Testing Standard - AAS
Arsenic [≤2ppm] Testing Standard - AAS(GB/T5009.11)
Lead [≤2ppm] Testing Standard - AAS(GB/T5009.12)
Cadmium [≤0.2ppm] Testing Standard - AAS(GB/T5009.15)
Mercury [≤0.2ppm] Testing Standard - AAS(GB/T5009.17)

II)    Pesticides: 
BHC - Benzene Hexachloride [≤0.1ppm] Testing Standard - China’s GB
DDT - Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane [≤1ppm] Testing Standard - China’s GB
PCNB - Pentachloronitrobenzene [≤0.1ppm] Testing Standard - China’s GB

III)    Microbiology: 
Total Bacteria / Aerobic Plate Count [<1000CFU/g]] Testing Standard - GB/T4789.2, 
Yeast & Mold [<100CFU/g] Testing Standard - GB/T4789.15, 
E-coli [Negative] Testing Standard - GB/T4789.3, 
Salmonella [Negative] Testing Standard - GB/T4789.4  
Staphylococcus Aureus [Negative]

IV)    Active Ingredients - as indicated on every individual product label.

V)    Added-Assurance - we do not use any additives, fillers, or any additional substance in all our formulations. 


VI)    Shelf-life - all products are labeled with “Best By” date [see bottom of bottle] to allow our customers to keep track of the shelf-life of all our products.

C.    Capsule Manufacturing Facilities:
All our capsules are produced within facilities that are:
I)    Certified to meet the Global Standard for Food Safety [SGS/BRC/UKAS]
II)    Halal, Kosher & Organic certified.

D.    Packaging:
All our capsules are packed in reusable/recyclable Grade #2 HDPE Food-Grade bottles, and we adopt minimum-packaging guideline to reduce waste as part of our Corporate Green Initiative. 

All bottles used are thoroughly washed and checked before use to reduce incident of contamination-risks from factory or during transportation. 

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