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SUCCESS RATE of up to 95% in Resolving Pains & Aches within the First Session...

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

VICTORIAN HERBAL is pleased to announce that we have officially incorporated nerve-physio CLINIQUE as an extension to further our dedication in offering highly effective physiotherapy for our customers.

Having systematically integrated over the years our unique & highly effective techniques in NERVE DECOMPRESSION with advanced techniques from Sports Science, Martial Arts & TCM, and active release techniques used for the rehabilitation of Occupational, Sports & Stroke-Related Injuries, our FULL BODY REBALANCING Therapy has been able to consistently achieve a SUCCESS RATE of up to 95% for the effective resolution of stiffness, aches & pains within the First Session, without the use of any drug, medication or passive-devices.

That is why there is a growing pool of customers who are seeking our therapy for the resolution of pinched or trapped nerves, minor spinal misalignment or to reduce the severity of their nerve-induced “bow-legged”.

Yes, when nerves are injured, inflamed or misaligned, they can cause a shift in the affected joints and cause bones like the hip bone, thigh bone (Femur), the shin bones (Tibia & Fibula) or the knee-caps (Patella) to suffer from premature musculoskeletal deformation.

That is why it is always wise to resolve the minor injuries in the body before it becomes a major health issue.

So stop wasting monies with pain-killers, ointments or “feel-good” massages that do not resolve the injuries but could actually make it worse.

If you are still looking for a therapy that actually works and is effective in the FULL RESOLUTION of stiffness, aches & pains, or to optimize the flexibility & range of your joints to improve your Sports Performance or just to maintain your General Wellness to keep your mental alertness and vitality or “Qi” to keep fatigue & migraine at bay, or just want to be able to walk naturally and reduce the risks of falling, talk to us about it.

To book an appointment, Whatsapp us at 8896 6529 or visit our Showroom @ Chinatown: 52 Chin Swee Road #02-27 Singapore 160052

nerve-physio CLINIQUE remains a wholly owned extension of VICTORIAN HERBAL and it equally dedicated to Empowering A Healthier & Functional Community…

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