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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

When our children get sick or are not feeling well, it can be hard for parents to stay still as our love to care for our children can drive us to the end of the world to search for solutions that are effective and yet safe.

As every vaccination will cause a reaction with our body’s natural immune system in order for our body to fight off the infection from the small dose of microbial or acquire new intelligences needed to keep harmful microbial at bay, some of us may experience the nasty side effects of vaccination.

Having a headache, skin rash, muscular pain or a fever simply means that our body balance has been affected.

To manage these nasty discomforts in children, it may be wise not to use synthetic drugs or over-the counter painkillers as they tend to be harsh on our Digestive System and may cause more problems for our little ones.

Some synthetic or over-the-counter drugs can also be toxic when used excessively on children.

Managing Headaches, Rashes & Pains:

For children or those with sensitive Digestive System or Skin, we recommend the use of Organic Aspirin or our Allergy Buster to manage these side effects.

To cope with recovery from any viral infection, taking our PTB Red Sage can helps to boost the recovery of our white blood cells and aid our overall recovery.

Being organic, these supplements help our body to cope with the side-effects more effectively and fortify our Immune System to reduce risks of future infections or re-infections.

Fortifying Our Immune System:

Our immune System is our body’s natural defence against viral infections and it pays to fortify it.

To keep our Immune System in optimal condition, we have to eat well, sleep well, stay hydrated and exercise regularly. Even a simple walk in the sun can do our body much good.

Our PTB Immunity Booster, either taken as a brew or in capsule form, can be used to help fortify our overall Immune System so that our body can keep dangerous viral infections and inflammations at bay.

As we only use premium herbal extracts in all our herbal supplements, it is always reassuring to know that they are organic, effective and safe since all our ingredients are individually tested to ensure that there are no heavy metals, dangerous bacteria or banned compounds used in any of our supplements.

Besides meeting the stringent regulatory guidelines of leading health agencies, all our herbal extracts and ingredients used are also Kosher, Vegan & Halal certified.

For parents who care and take the health of their children seriously, they can always trust Victorian Herbal to be there for them when needed, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere…

Don’t just take our words for it.

Share this article with your doctors to get their qualified medical advice for your children.

Time to keep our children healthy & safe from more viral infections…

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