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It is sad to see so many individuals with treatable walking disorders or weak lower bodies giving up on life by their constant use of wheelchairs and PMDs instead of seeking proper therapy-treatment for their medical conditions.

Such prolonged use of the wheelchair will definitely waste away their muscle and strength of their lower body, and over time and without professional intervention, these individuals will end up being wheelchair-bound for life.

That is why one must always remember that while wheelchairs and PMDs can play a vital role in empowering their overall mobility, being wheelchair-bound must never be the first or only option in life.

When you think about humans having a lifespan of 120 years, many of today’s wheelchair-bound individuals are actually short-changing themselves by naively believing that just because they are in their 50s or 60s (mid-life), therefore being wheelchair-bound is an acceptable option - this is not true nor wise when there may be alternative treatments available to help them forward.

Being wheelchair-bound equates to a poorer quality of life when the nerves and the musculoskeletal structure start degenerating over time, resulting in them experiencing chronic pains all over their body.

Just imagine the daily struggle they have to go through just to go to the toilet or have a shower, or not being able to join their friends or family for a social outing or a meal.

Even when one can afford a caregiver to help with basic essentials like bathing and going to the toilet, it is clear that money cannot buy back the quality of life.

For those who can still put in effort to free themselves of being wheelchair-bound, it is good to remember that prevention is always better than looking for a cure, and if they have any unresolved injury, Hip-Leg Misalignment or strained Sciatic Nerve, it is advisable to resolve those injuries so that their body can be re-optimized to give them another 20 or more years of pain-free living.

But for those who are already wheelchair-bound or disagree with their doctor’s prognosis that they can never stand or walk again, the question is – do they want to take back control of their lives if there is a remote chance?

Truth be told - having treated so many patients, from the elderly to stroke patients, to those who were told by their doctors that they will never be able to walk again as many doctors are still not aware that Nerve-Decompression Therapy is now available at NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE, helping these patients to recover from their medical conditions and seeing them being able to regain their ability to sit, stand and walk again mean that many of these individuals have also regained the joy of being able to enjoy a better quality of life with their family, friends and loved ones, all over again.

As long as their nerves, ligaments, musculoskeletal structure are not severed impacted or overly damaged, there is a reasonably high probability that many of these individuals can benefit from Nerve Decompression Therapy to regain back the quality of their life.

Besides being used in the US, Germany & China to optimize their athletes for Elite Sports, NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE is the only centre in South East Asia that offers the full spectrum of Nerve-Decompression Therapy.

While we may not be able to turn all of our medically-constrained patients into marathon runners or restore them for extreme sports, we can surely make the effort to help them regain their basic life functions, like being able to sit, stand and walk effortlessly & painlessly once again.

While we cannot promise everyone a miracle, we can assure our patients that if they take their therapy-treatment with us seriously, they will see a marked improvement in the quality of their life when their body starts regaining back some of its basic functions while their chronic pains get resolved.

For those who want to take back control of their lives, they can always put us to the test...

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