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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

The pandemic has raised the awareness of how devastating a viral outbreak can be and how being fearful or ignorant can be equally devastating on individual, society and our economy.

For those who have yet to be vaccinated for some valid reasons, got reinfected or suffering from some symptomatic problems after their vaccinations, keeping to status quo is definitely not an option.

In the Age of the New Norms, we all need to find a new personal strategy that is relevant to us so that we can cope with the challenges that are before us.

For a start, it is good to know that the Covid-19 infection is firstly a Respiratory Infection and those with chronic diseases are more susceptible to the infection.

Besides the safety measures that are being advocated, it is imperative for everyone to maintain their overall health & wellness during a pandemic so that our body’s natural defense against viral infection and other chronic diseases remain functional and can help us to reduce the risks of being infected.

Eat well, sleep well, stay hydrated and the incorporation of some simple outdoor activities like walking under the sun even for a few minutes can greatly help our body to stay balanced and healthy.

Being human, we all need to socialize to keep depression and other mental disorder at bay too.

There is also an essential need for everyone to boost their Respiratory and Immune Systems in order to help their body stay in balance.

Fortifying Our Respiratory System:

At Victorian Herbal, we have introduced ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY to help our customers stay healthy.

This simple therapy allows our customers to take corrective action to consolidate their “Qi” needed to regulate their overall Respiratory System, Cardio-Health & Circulatory System, fortify their Nervous System and Gut Health, and once learnt, it can be practiced within the safe environment of their homes.

30 minutes of ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY has the equivalent of health benefits as jogging but without the risks of joint-injuries and can help those who suffered from serious lung-scarring to re-optimize their respiratory functions and promote self-healing of damaged tissues and cells.

Click on the link below to find out more about our ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY or WhatsApp us at +65 8896 6529 for the Info Video.

Once the body is well balanced, chronic pains, migraines and muscular aches will be drastically mitigated as the body resolves these inflammations and correct itself.

To further reduce their risks of acquiring harmful pathogens, we strongly recommend that our customers indulge themselves with our PTB IMMUNITY BOOSTER from our range of Premium Tonic Brews (PTB), and these can be taken either in capsule-form or as a brew.

When taken as a brew, a simple swirling of the brew in our mouth before drinking it can helps wet and coat our nasal cavity with the unique herbal properties of Lingzhi, giving our body an extra layer of defense against harmful pathogens while fortifying our overall Immune System.

This is helpful for those who are unvaccinated or suffering from chronic diseases.

Reducing Effects of Post Symptomatic Disorders:

For those who are experiencing inflammatory symptoms like skin rashes, joint pains, headaches, general weakness or feeling lethargic after taking their vaccinations, they can try our ALLERGY BUSTER to help reduce the inflammations that are responsible for these symptoms.

It is safe for those suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes or Cardio-disorders as the anti-inflammation properties of this supplement also helps to regulate and bring high blood pressure under control.

Recovery - Viral Infection:

All viral infections will cause a drop in the count of our White Blood Cells Count. To help our body recover and restore our White Blood Cells so that it can continue to fight off the infection, it is recommended that they take our PTB RED SAGE & PTB DANDELION to aid in their overall recovery.

This combination can be used for recovery from the current pandemic or even from Dengue Infection, which is still an endemic in many countries.

Don’t just take our words for it and share this article with your doctors so that they can advise you on the importance of taking the required remedial actions needed to stay healthy and lower the risks of being infected in the New Norms.

Everyone of us need to find our own strategy to stay infection-free in the New Norms.

It is reassuring to know that all our products are individually tested against harmful pathogens, heavy metals and banned compounds as regulated by leading Health Authorities and that all our ingredients used are also Kosher, Vegan & Halal certified.

With Victorian Herbal, you can count on us to be there for you, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere…

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