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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Gout or Gout Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition that is caused by the build-up and crystallization of uric acid in the joints and tissues (feet, knee, elbow, waist or finger), resulting in the person experiencing excruciating pain that last for weeks.

When our body break down purines from seafood, beans, fructose-sweetened drinks, beer, alcohol, organ-meats, fatty foods or processed foods, uric acid is produced as a waste.

We need our liver to convert uric acid into allantoin, a highly soluble metabolite that is easily excreted by the kidneys.

If our body is healthy and functional, our body’s organs and circulatory system will ensure that all wastes (including uric acid) will get discharged. As such, if we were to experience a gout attack, then it is logical to conclude that our body may not be as healthy or as functional as we think.

Medically, gout has been attributed to obesity, insulin imbalance, stress, lack of physical activity and poor diet. The reason why there is an increase in gout attack during the pandemic lockdown is that our body’s circulatory system, which is the logistical function of our body, is being compromised by the lack of physical activity and/or poor dietary intake.

During a gout-attack, pain-killers, steroids or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NASAID) may be prescribed by doctors to lessen both the pain and swelling, but medications like Febuxostat (Uloric) should be used with care as it has been linked to increased risk of death from heart diseases.

As such, it is never advisable for anyone to self-medicate with these pharmaceutical drugs.

While numbing the pain or reducing the inflammation can help make gout attack more bearable, they do not address the underlying health issues.

The traditional approach to managing, preventing, and reversing gout is focused on the way we eat, digest, discharge and how we take care of our overall health.

Limiting or cutting out the intake of purine-rich foods will obviously help but is it a real and practical option?

So what can gout sufferers do to manage, prevent or reverse gout?

If we moderate our diet and masticate (chew) our food properly, it helps to break our food down and reduce the stress on our digestive system, making it easier for our liver to help in converting uric acid into allantoin so that our kidney can discharge it from our body, provided our liver, kidney and circulatory system are functional.

Traditionally, quality dietary-supplements have been used to fortify our digestive system, liver and overall cardio health, so that our body has the vitality (energy) and the basic essentials to do what it is supposed to do.

Progressively, this will help gout sufferers reduce the frequency and intensity of gout-attacks, and even recover from it if they put in the effort to take their health more seriously.

As gout is a deficiency in our circulatory system, it is vital that gout sufferers eat right, increase their physical activity and get good amount of sleep so that the body can repair, rejuvenate and revitalize itself.

At Victorian Herbal, we strongly advocate a more holistic approach in the Prevention, Management & Reversal of chronic ailments such as gout, obesity or diabetes.

Before your next gout attack, we strongly recommend that you increase your physical activity and take more nutritious supplements like our PREMIUM TONIC BREWS - GINSENG AND CORDYCEPS to boost your overall health & vitality, and SLEEP BOOSTER if you have problem sleeping so that your body can recover, repair and rejuvenate on its own to help get rid of gout in your life.

These supplements are formulated for use, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere – so that you do not have to waste time double-boiling them or the need to learn the intricacy of alternative medicines.


To help boost the circulation of your lower limb and relieve the pressure off your heart, we strongly recommend that gout sufferers soak their legs every evening in hot water (mixed with blended ginger & salt) for a week, and to do so once or twice weekly thereafter until their overall circulatory system has improved.

We hope that gout sufferers will find this article useful in helping them make an informed decision towards getting rid of gout from their life.

Don’t just take our words for it but share this article with your doctor so that they can advise and explain the rationale we have articulated, and guide you on the road to full recovery.

Help your body by providing it with at least the basic essentials so that your body can function and help you stay disease-free.

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