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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Like the seasonal flu virus, the current Covid-19 virus will continue to mutate and pose serious health problems globally. Even if we can contain it, the risk of another new virus coming into play remains highly probable.

As such, it is best that we accept these new health risks as part of the new reality facing humanity and do something constructive about it.

Like the seasonal flu, vaccination will become a new norm for some while others may prefer fortifying their immune system and overall health to lower the risk such infections, or do both.

Whatever your preferred option may be, it is definitely time for us to think critically about these new health challenges rationally and constructively, and do something about it for our own good and the good of our family, friends and our society.

To do so, we need to understand our own immune system and how we can fortify and optimize it.

Immune System:

Once conceived in our mother’s womb, we already have an innate defense system against infections known as the Innate Immunity.

Progressively, we acquire Adaptive Immunity each time our body response to new infection, recover and learn from it.

From time to time, we adopted Passive Immunity when we are provided with antibodies externally to help us cope with “situational” immunity to diseases.

This includes vaccination, mother’s breast milk, immunotherapy or oral formulation. They allow our body to learn to recognize the unique molecular structure of pathogen known as antigen, or tumour antigens that are found on diseased cells like those of cancer, so that our immune system can defense or be manipulated to defense against its infectious risks.

Leukocytes or white blood cells play an important part of our body immune system. Some of our Leukocytes, like Phagocytes, will destroy invading bacteria.

Others like Lymphocytes, when signaled by our T-cells, help our body’s Immunoglobulin or Antibodies to identify and bind itself onto invading pathogenic bacteria or viruses so that our body’s Antibodies or T-cells can destroy such pathogen or diseased cells without harming our healthy cells.

In the process, our body learn to recognize and remember millions of these antigens.

Our white blood cells, antibodies or antigens, B-cells and T-cells, together with our Qi, formed the most vital part of our overall Immune System.

As 70% of our immune system is located in our gut, fortifying and optimizing our Gut Health is clearly a vital first step that we can take to stay healthy against pathogenic infections.

Basic Balance:

To help our body stay in balance, we need to ensure that our body has sufficient Restorative Sleep, eat well by avoiding processed foods to ensure our body has all the Basic Nutrients it needs, Stay Hydrated while avoiding sugary drinks, and Stay Active in mind and body.

When our body is well balanced, our circulation will improve greatly and so will be our body “Qi” or vitality.

What Can We Learn From The Current Pandemic?

Based on data that are provided by trusted authorities across the world, we can safely deduct that the current pandemic tends to be fatal on individuals who are suffering from chronic diseases like Hypertension, Cardio-Disorders, Diabetes, Cancer etc.

As such, it helps to see the current Covid-19 virus like a “Big Bully” that tends to cause serious damage or fatality to individual who immune system is weak as a result of such chronic conditions.

One way that we can help to avoid the fatality of this virus or suffer serious damage to our vital organs, is to ensure that we heed the good advice offered by the authority on Preventive Measures, find ways to improve our chronic condition and fortify our overall immunity.

Time to take back control of our life.

What Can Victorian Herbal Offer?

At Victorian Herbal, we can only advise our customers to take their health seriously by ensuring that their body gets sufficient sleep and is provided with the basic nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Gut Health:

We have consistently emphasized on the importance of good Gut Health with the regular use of supplements like ANTIMICROBIAL, BEER-BELLY BUSTER or ROYAL HARITAKI etc. to ensure that our gut is not overly inflamed, not overly acidic from excessive use of pain-killers or medications, constipated or lacerated with ulcers or sores.

Insomnia & Cellular Inflammation:

Without sufficient Restorative Sleep or when overly stressed, cellular inflammation and the effect of insomnia are another area that we advise our customers to address.

For Restorative Sleep, we recommend the use of PTB IMMUNITY BOOSTER or SLEEP BOOSTER.

For management of Cellular Inflammation, we recommend the use of ANTI-INFLAMMATION BOOSTER, or PTB CASSIA, or a cocktail of Premium Tonic Brews with our PTB DANDELION, PTB OLDENLANDIA & PTB RED SAGE which is used traditionally to prevent Cancer and Diabetes, or supplement their management of Post-Cancer therapies.

Vitality & Stress Management:

For those who are over-worked or stressed out, and need help to regain their wellness, we recommend the use of PTB GINSENG, PTB CORDYCEPS or our WELLNESS THERAPY 1-2-3, especially for those seeking to regain their facial glow and vitality.

Active Breathing Therapy:

To help our customers get better result from the use of our herbal supplement, we have recently introduced this exciting therapy to help our customers effortlessly manage some of their Chronic Pains & Conditions more effectively. Talk to us about it.

<<Due to Tightened Measures for Covid-19 in Singapore, all therapies may be limited and/or adjusted according to the prevailing Health Advisory by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF)>>

Time To Take Back Control Of Your Life:

Don’t just take our words for it but share this article with your doctor and medical specialists so that they can advise and explain the rationale of what we have articulated and guide you and your family towards a more Holistic Health Management.

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