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A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is disrupted, causing the brain cells and its connective tissues to die due to the deprivation of oxygen and nutrients.

What is most debilitating about stroke is that it can cause the person to be paralyzed or lose the ability to do simple things like standing, walking or talking.

As about 3% of all new stroke patients are likely to have a second stroke within the first 30 days of their first stroke while 30% are likely to have a second stroke within the first 2 years, disability-risks from stroke can only gets more severe with each recurring stroke.

As such, for any Stroke Recovery to be effective, it must address not just the need to restore basic functions or the repair of damaged nerves but must also address the probable risks of another recurring stroke.

Supplementary Intervention:

As Stroke Recovery has been one of the core focus of Victorian Herbal, our specially formulated WELLNESS 1-2-3 and NERVE-REPAIR 1-2-3 are now widely used by stroke patients undergoing proper Stroke Recovery Therapy to help them regain their vitality needed to restore their overall health from within and also expedite the repair of damaged nerves that are causing them to be extra sensitive to pains and aches.

With an increase in vitality and being less sensitive to pains and aches, Stroke patients will be more responsive to therapy and their time to recovery can also be improved greatly.

The reduction in sensitivity to touch, pains and aches is also a good indicator to show that the nerves are responding to treatment and that the risk of suffering from another recurring stroke is much reduced.

Don’t just take our words for it but go and talk to your doctors, physicians & therapists about incorporating our WELLNESS 1-2-3 and NERVE-REPAIR 1-2-3 into your Stroke Recovery Therapy today.

For those who want to know more about stroke, or what to do in an emergency, do continue to read on.

Types Of Strokes:

87% of all strokes are Ischemic Stroke and the balance 13% is likely to be Hemorrhagic Stroke.

Ischemic Strokes occur when the artery or a major vein in the brain gets blocked or clogged, causing the brain cells and its connective tissues to die as a result of a lack of oxygen and nutrients.

There are two types of Ischemic Strokes - Thrombotic Stroke is when the blood clot that caused the stroke is developed in the blood vessels inside of the brain while Embolic Stroke is caused by blood clot or plaque debris that are developed elsewhere in the body but managed to travel into the blood vessels of the brain.

Hemorrhagic Stroke occurred when an artery in the brain ruptures, resulting in internal bleeding in the brain that causes the brain cells and its connective tissues in that region to die due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients.

There are two types of Hemorrhagic Strokes – Intracerebral Hemorrhage occurs when bleeding is from the blood vessels within the brain while Subarachnoid Hemorrhage occurs when the bleeding is in the subarachnoid region, the area between the brain and the membranes covering the brain and is often due to aneurysm (a weakened or a ballooned artery wall), arteriovenous malformation or trauma.

As every second counts during a stroke, it is vital to know the early warning signs of an impending stroke:

Sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arm or leg, especially when it occurs on one side of the body;

✅ Sudden confusion or having trouble speaking or understanding speech;

✅ Sudden trouble in seeing in one or both eyes;

✅ Sudden trouble walking or feeling dizziness, or unable to coordinate balance;

When you think someone is having a stroke, call for emergency help immediately or conduct the FAST Test to validate the person’s condition:

F: Ask the person to smile to see if one side of their FACE is drooping;

A: Ask the person to raise both their arms to see if one of the ARMS keeps dropping downward;

S: Ask the person to repeat a simple phase to see if their SPEECH is slurred or abnormal;

T: If any of these sign is present, call for emergency help as TIME is of the essence.

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