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Updated: Sep 22, 2022


Aging, stress, diet, sedentary lifestyle, over-consumption of alcohol are just some of the factors that can very rapidly reduce the vitality of organs around the Root Chakras region.

This will affect our bladder and urinary functions, induce low libido, cause erectile dysfunction, lower back pain, fatigue and an increase in night-urination, and also weak urinary flow when urinating.

As the Root Chakras is the Foundation of Life, anyone with weakness in this region will feel agitated, less secure and can be psychologically frustrated.

Traditional Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal can be used to revitalize the Root Chakras and restore the organ functions in this region.

Manage, Restore & Energize your Urinary & Reproductive Systems, Prostate, Erectile-Dysfunction & Anorgasmia With Victorian Herbal:

Recommendation for those with weak and/or chronic Bladder, Prostate, Urinary or Reproductive functions:

- Drink a large glass of plain water every morning, and remember to drink it slowly to avoid injuring the esophagus (alimentary canal that connects the throat to the stomach);

- Take one (1) capsule of each formula (total of three capsules) of REPRODUCTIVE 1-2-3 thereafter;

- Repeat above at every mid-afternoon, around 3pm - drink a large glass of plain water followed by taking the supplements;

- Do not hold back the need to go to the toilet at all times;

- For those with extremely weak or inflamed bladder, urinary tract, prostate, or with weak circulatory function of the penis or virginal muscles, it is highly recommended that they enroll for REPRODUCTIVE THERAPY or ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY to aid the recovery of their urinary & reproductive systems;

Advisory: This formulation and/or Therapy is not suitable for those with damaged blood vessels from accident, surgery or use of illicit sex enhancement drug.

Stop suffering in silence and take action in restoring your vitality so that your body can stay healthy and functional.

Don’t just take our words for it, talk to your doctors about what we have stated so that they can help you make an informed decision.

With Victorian Herbal, it is always about restoring your natural wellness from within with our time-tested herbal formulation that is backed by an internationally-accepted Quality Assurance Policy.

With Victorian Herbal, you can always be assured that our products and therapies are formulated to resolve the root causes of your health problems.

Time to restore your inner vitality and balance with us, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere…

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