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Updated: Sep 4, 2022


Our ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY, a multi-disciplinary infusion of several time-tested traditions, has been well-received by our customers and we are delighted that many individuals are finally getting serious about truly taking back control of their lives.

By making a conscious choice, our customers are simply “Living Proofs” that living with chronic pains & aches, diseases and endless health ailments is a choice for many, and that as long as we can still breathe and think rationally, we have the power to reject these “death sentences” or live a life that is overly medicated by pharmaceutical medicines.

Medical traditions have benefitted from the knowledge found in ancient religious scriptures, including the Bible, that God created man with His Breath. At the end of our mortal life, this “Breath” will depart from us and we will all pass on.

As much as this “Breath” or “Qi” can give life, it can also be nurtured to heal us.

As such, the foundation of our Active Breathing Therapy lies in the knowledge that our body has the ability to heal and restore our health if only we empower it wisely.


For a start, this therapy is easy to do.

After the first session, practitioners will feel greatly revitalized, more agile and motivated in knowing that good health is really accessible.

Practitioners who completed the Basic 5-Session Therapy will experience an immediate change in their body as most pains & aches, including some chronic ailments, will depart from their body.

This therapy is highly recommended for those seeking to prevent or manage their Chronic Pains & Aches, Depression, Diabetes, Dementia, Fatigue, Frozen Shoulder, Gout (Arthritis), High GI, Hypertension, Lethargy, Menstrual Cramp, Migraine, Old Injury Resolution, Post Cancer Therapy, Restore Vitality, preliminary to Stroke Recovery, Obesity (Weight Management) etc.

Don’t take our word for it, watch the video and hear it directly from our customers.

As most ailments disappear after the completion of the therapy, our customers can then decide what other ailments that they want to target specifically, and we can customize individual therapy to address their specific needs.

Highly Affordable Pricing:

For a One-To-One session, the cost is S$480 for 5-Session. For a Group Session (2 to 3 person), the cost is S$380per person and for a Group Session (4-8 person), the cost is S$280 per person.

The cost includes the optional “Acu-Point Release” and also the clearing of the Nasal & Upper Respiratory Tracts with our Anti-Microbial formulation.

Our ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY remains the foundation for customers who are interested in signing up for our STROKE RECOVERY THERAPY, FERTILITY & PROSTRATE HEALTH THERAPY, TUMMY-TUCK THERAPY (Reduction in Waistline & Tummy-Fat).

We hope that more customers will find this article useful in helping them make an informed decision towards taking back control of their lives.

Don’t just take our words for it but share this article with your doctor so that they can advise and explain the rationale we have articulated and guide you forward.

To sign up, simply WhatsApp us at 88966529

This therapy is only available at Victorian Herbal @ Chinatown.

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