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Interventive Therapy

Updated: Sep 4, 2022


Those engaging in competitive or extreme sports know well that their performance can be adversely impaired by sport-related injuries, or when they are unable to attain the optimal range, strength & flexibility of their neck, shoulder, torso, hip and limb functions.

At times, even a minor medical condition like Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or a bad virus attack like Dengue or Covid-19 can adversely affected our basic bodily functions like breathing or walking.

For broken, dislocated or fractured bones, torn tendon or ligament, surgical intervention is currently still the best course of action to restore these injuries.

But the real challenge lies in subsequently regaining the full body range, strength and flexibility of these affected movements.

If you are one of those that are still struggling to attain or restore the range, strength & flexibility of these movements in your neck, arms, hands, fingers, shoulder, torso, hips, knees, ankles and toes, then we are interested to talk to you about it.

Don’t Despair – Talk To Us About It:

If your current therapists or physicians are unable to help you regain your range, strength or flexibility, we would like to hear from you as Victorian Herbal is currently offering INTERVENTIVE THERAPY & NATURAL PAIN MANAGEMENT for Musculoskeletal, Sports-Related & Stroke-Related Injuries.

Prices for first Consultation & Therapy Session as follows:

Minor Pain / Nerve Injury: S$80 - S$120*

Full Musculoskeletal Reset: S$120

General / Stroke Related Injury: S$120 - S$150

Martial-Arts related Injury: S$150 - S$180

High Impact Sports Injury: S$150 - S$180

* Denotes minor injuries that are commonly related to Work, Gym, Aerobic, Yoga or other Fitness Workouts.

For those with knee-related pains, we generally recommend that they try the FULL MUSCOLOSKELETAL RESET before resorting to surgical intervention as such pains may be the result of a hip-related problem.

Enhancing or Regaining Competitive Advantage:

This therapy is also useful as a First-Session for those seeking to improve their range, strength and flexibility of the joint-movements in competitive sport as we can examine their existing condition and customized an Interventive Therapy to help them attain or restore the full movements and range needed for them to excel in their respective sports.

If you find that our therapy is effective in assisting you to regain your optimal performance or functions and would like to continue seeking our therapeutic support, we will be glad to customize a follow-up Interventive Therapy to help you move forward.

Moderating Expectation:

For stroke-related injuries or major nerve impairment, it is not realistic to expect a complete restoration of all the functions.

For these injuries, our therapy will generally be focused on helping them to recover some basic essential movements like walking, before progressing to restore the range, strength and recovery of other more delicate functions to function almost as normal as before.

If there is nothing out there to assist you forward on your journey to attain sporting excellence or restore your injuries, just WhatsApp us at +65 8896 6529 to make an appointment to talk about it.

The good news is that you can use your latest S$100 CDC Voucher and/or NS55 Credits to offset the cost of all purchases at Victorian Herbal.

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