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To fight Diabetes successfully, we need to firstly understand what causes Diabetes and stop putting all the blame on sugar and carbohydrates as they are not the primary causes of diabetes.

Unless these errors in the understanding of Diabetes are factually corrected, then the fight against Type II Diabetes is already lost and that explains why most Diabetics ends up taking medication or insulin for the rest of our life while others watch helplessly as their conditions degenerate into kidney-failure and gangrene.

As Type II Diabetes can be reversed into remission, it pays to wise up if you want to truly take back control of your lives.

Function Of Insulin:

When we eat plant-based food, carbohydrates are converted into glucose and released into our blood stream.

The Beta Cells in our Pancreas will then release Insulin to “carry” these glucoses in our blood to the muscle-cells, for use as fuel while excess glucose is converted by the same insulin into GLYCOGEN, for storage in the Liver, Muscles & Adipose (Fat Cells).

In Type I Diabetes, when the Pancreas is unable to produce sufficient insulin, there is a high probability that this could be due to some malfunctions of the Pancreas and/or a lack of essential nutrients needed for its proper function or the production of Insulin.

As carbohydrate & glucose are essential for the proper function of our body, that helps to explain why Diabetics often struggle with fatigue and “unexplained” Weight Gain as their condition worsens.

Having Hyperglycaemia, where the sugar in the blood is too high, over long period of time, can result in serious damages to the Kidneys, Blood Vessels and it can also cause serious Nerve Damages and Circulatory issues that may affect our eyesight and overall Nerve System, often resulting in certain body parts feeling numb due to poor circulation, thus putting them at risk of gangrene.

Diabetes - Understanding The Real Causes:

In Alternative Medicine, the accumulation of Fat-Particles in the blood stream has been attributed to be the primary causes of not just Diabetes but also Cardiovascular Diseases, Stroke & Obesity.

When there is a massive build-up of Fat-Particles in our blood, these particles will block and disrupt the normal function of the insulin from carrying those glucoses from our blood vessels to the Muscle-Cells.

Even when some of the glucoses are carried to the Muscle-Cells by the Insulin, those Fat-Particles may block the passage of the glucoses from being absorbed into the Muscle-Cells for use as fuel.

If all the glucoses produced are not properly utilized, then there is going to be a dangerous build-up of glucose level in our blood.

This is the reason why Diabetics need to be careful with not just their intake of Carbohydrates & Sugar but must conscientiously change their diet to stop those Fat-Particles from causing more damage to their body and organs.

The strongest evidence that Type II Diabetes can be reversed into remission came from the British Diabetic Association and they are now promoting Weight-Loss as part of the solution.

So, what else can Diabetics learn from Alternative Medicine in their fight against Diabetes?

War Against Diabetes:

With better understanding of the causes of Diabetes, we all know by now that the current approach in fighting Diabetes with medication and insulin injection alone is just a battle that is doomed to fail.

The Real Battle Plan is to conscientiously reduce our food intake that have led to the dangerous formation of those Fat-Particles in our body while re-optimizing our body, organs and nerves to effectively utilize and expense glucose in the blood stream, including those in storage in the Liver, Muscles and Adipose or Fat Cells.

As such, to effectively target the Real Culprits of Diabetes, we need to start increasing the intake of nutritious food while conscientiously reducing the consumption of Processed Food, Fast Food, Fried Food and products with Hydrogenated Oils as these are the Real Causes of Fat-Particles in our blood stream.

For our body to naturally utilize and expense away those Fat-Particles that are already in our body, we need to also re-optimize and re-vitalize our key organs, especially the Pancreas, Kidneys & Liver, if we want to keep Diabetes in remission.

What Are “Fat-Particles”:

The main culprit responsible for these “Fat-Particles” is the Trans-Fat found in Hydrogenated Oil and these will cause an increase in LDL Cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoprotein) which is known to clog and harden the arteries and blood vessels.

When coupled with high level of Saturated Fat from animal products, these Fat-Particles will cause serious damages to the body.

In the case of Hyperlipidemia, where there is a high level of fats or lipids, which includes cholesterol and Triglycerides, the risks of heart diseases and stroke will naturally be high.

High levels of Triglycerides, in excess of 500 mg/dL, can result in Acute Pancreatitis, a condition where the pancreas is unable to effectively turn food into fuel in our body.

A Cholesterol Test (Lipid Profile) generally includes the measurement of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL or the “bad” Cholesterol), High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL or the “good” Cholesterol), Triglycerides and Total Cholesterol to calculate others health markers.

As our body needs Cholesterol, especially the HDL and some Triglycerides to function properly, we need to know how those problematic Fat-Particles get into our body and stop them from impeding with our body’s natural functions.

As such, it is firstly essential to cut down on Processed Foods, Fast Foods, Fried Foods and products that contain high levels of Hydrogenated Oils, Trans Fat & Saturated Fat if we want to put a stop to a wide array of Chronic Diseases, starting with Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disorders & Obesity.

There is also a need to re-optimize our key organs back to health if we want to help our body get rid of those problematic Fat-Particles that are already in our body, and to repair those damages that those Fat-Particles had already caused.

Recommended Health Parameter:

Triglycerides: <150 mg/dt

LDL: <100 mg/dt

HDL (Male): >40 mg/dt

HDL (Female): >50 mg/dt

Blood Glucose Level (A1C): <7%

Blood Pressure: 120/80mmHg

BMI: 18.5 - 24.9 kg/m2

Prevent-Diabetes 1-2-3:

To help our customers fight Diabetes more effectively, we have formulated PREVENT-DIABETES 1-2-3 Therapy Pack to help them re-optimize and re-vitalize their body & key organs, especially their Pancreas, Kidneys & Liver.

When used in combination with a reduction in Processed Food, Fast Food and Fried Food, even Diabetics who are struggling with their condition will appreciate the efficacy of their New Battle Plan against Diabetes.

For those who are struggling with Obesity and require help with progressive Weight Loss, they can alternate the use of our PREVENT-DIABETES 1-2-3 with our WEIGHT LOSS 1-2-3 Therapy Pack.

This is essential in helping them to recover from other Chronic Diseases such as Cardiovascular Disorders, Joint-Pain, Cellular Inflammation and reduces their risks of suffering from a Stroke.

Don’t just take our words for it but go and consult with your doctors and physicians before putting us to the test.

All our Premium Herbal Supplements are specially formulated to help our customers to regain their health and take back control of their lives, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere…

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