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To help our customers and their loved ones stay in Good Health & Pain-Free in 2024, we will be presenting a series on Pain Management.

As pain plays an integral part in our body’s central nervous system, like acting as a motivator to help us stay out of danger, its main function is to act as a signal to let us know if something is amiss in our body or that it needs attention or rest.

To be able to feel pain is a good thing as it means that our body is functioning properly, and we should appreciate the function of pain and use it wisely if we want to stay healthy and functional.

But when the underlying issues are not adequately addressed, causing new issues to surface or when the pains become chronic, or when it impedes our basic life functions, then that is bad.

In such cases, it is advisable to seek proper medical attention before the underlying problem gets worse.

Stay connected with us on Facebook as we will be looking at the different types of conditions & injuries that causes pain that are commonly suffered by patients:

✅ Headaches, Shoulder, Neck & Wrist Injuries

✅ Degenerative or Herniated (Slipped, Ruptured or Bulging) Disc Conditions

✅ Chronic Knee, Hip-Joint or Sciatic Nerve Injuries

✅ Management of Scoliosis, Kyphosis & Spondylitis

As all surgeries have its own risks and failure rate, we will look at some of the common complications of surgery and also look at alternative treatments, such as NERVE-DECOMPRESSION Therapy, so that patients can be aware that there are alternative treatments available that are proven to be more effective in resolving or addressing some of these underlying medical conditions.

As we are getting more cases where patients are seeking second opinion or alternative treatment to their scheduled surgery ordered by their Orthopedic surgeons, we are glad that more patients have come to realize that there are many borderline cases where surgery are clearly not required as the underlying conditions and its pains can be resolved using alternative treatments which are not only more effective but are much safer than surgery.

For those with Fibromyalgia or suffering from severe pains as a result of high-impact injuries, or other more challenging medical conditions, we hope you will also find the upcoming series on pain management useful in helping to mitigate your more challenging medical conditions.

Let's us embrace the goodness of life by staying Healthy & Pain-Free in 2024 and beyond with NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE...

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