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Struggling with a nagging backache but do not know what it is?

The most common Spinal Disorder is Degenerative Disc Disease, where the spinal disc wears down prematurely until it is unable to absorb the shock or when it causes joint-stiffness that limits the spinal’s flexibility & movement, or is herniated, ruptured or slipped, resulting in excruciating pains that may radiate to the hand, feet or even to the shoulder, neck and head.

For Spinal Disorders that are degenerative in nature, the increased stiffness, aches and pains will not only impact the Cardio-Respiratory System adversely but will also disrupt our body circulation, vitality and overall organs’ health over time.

This explains why Spinal Disorder and Nerve Pain are always interrelated, and in order to treat Spinal Disorder more holistically, it is equally imperative to address the affected nerves too, especially the Cervical, Spinal & the Sciatic Nerves to see if it is pinched, strained or inflamed.

So the next time when you feel stiffness or an excruciating pain radiating from your spine to your feet, ankle, calf, thigh, hip or the upper body region like the shoulder, neck or the finger, do not be surprised as it could be your Sciatic Nerve that is being aggravated.

Some common types of Spinal Disorders include:

A. Spondylosis: Age-related or chronic wear & tear of the joints;

B. Spondylolisthesis: a spinal condition that causes lower back inflammatory pain when one of the vertebrae slips out of its position and infringed upon the vertebra below;

C. Ankylosing Spondylitis: an inflammatory spinal disease that causes the bones in the spine to fuse, resulting in pain and stiffness in the spine and also breathing difficulty as a result of a hunched posture.

D. Scoliosis: a lateral curvature of the spine that tends to become painful as one ages.

E. Kyphosis: an excessive curvature of the spine of the upper back that is also refers to as hunchback.

F. Hybrid of Scoliosis & Kyphosis: where there is two different types of abnormal curvatures in the spine, usually caused by a fall or an accident.

As orthopedic surgeons are only trained to medically resolve the symptoms of these medical conditions, it is no surprise that most of their current medical procedure is to give patients pain-killers while they refer them for costly MRI & elective surgery.

But in all fairness to orthopedic surgeons, patients must also understand that doctors are currently not trained in the physio-management of the Nerve System, and as such, most of they lack the experience or expertise in prescribing Non-Surgical Interventions like Spinal Disorder Therapy for their patients.

It is good to see more patients becoming more knowledgeable about their options for Non-Surgical Treatments and the growing awareness that no surgical-implant can match the body’s original musculoskeletal structure and how they are inter-connected and inter-dependent to one another.

As such, it is best not to undermine or interfere with the complexity of our human body with surgical inserts or joint-replacement unless we are certain that it is absolutely “broken” and surgery is the only option forward.

That is why we are truly appreciative as more doctors and physiotherapists are starting to join our customers by referring their patients to us.

Having been able to consistently help more than 80% of our patients with their Spinal, Nerve and other Musculoskeletal Disorders, we are glad to add Spinal Disorder Management to our list of established Non-Surgical Treatments:

✅ Spinal Disorder Management

✅ Sciatic Nerve Decompression

✅ Sports Injury Management

✅ Stroke Recovery

So if you are suffering from any of these disorders or injuries, adverse to having foreign-implant being surgically inserted in your body or simply seeking a Non-Surgical Treatment to help you to take back control of your life, talk to us about it.

Our Best Case - Spinal Disorder Management:

Our best recovery case for Spinal Disorder Management is with a 76-year-old lady who had a fall 8 years ago in mid-2015, where the orthopedic surgeons at one of Singapore’s leading private hospital merely gave her pain-killer, bandage her up after citing that she has sustained a minor crack to her spine and referred her to see a Chiropractor.

After many sessions with the Chiropractor and endless visits for Acupuncture Treatments to cope with her pains, her condition got worse and her body started to hunch severely as a result of a Scoliosis that is aggravated by a Thoracic Kyphosis (T11/L1) and a Retrolisthesis (severe collapse of L3 & L4), was told by her doctor in December 2022 to accept her condition.

In just over 2 months of intense Spinal-Therapy with NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE for Spinal Disorder Management, she is now able to stand and sit with her back almost fully upright, she no longer has a hunchback and seeing her from the front view, you will never had guessed that she has a severe hunchback just two months ago.

She is now able to sleep flatly on her back too and is no longer struggling with any severe back pain, ache or stiffness.

We are currently helping to strengthen both her Core & Upper Body with our proprietary ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY to fortify her Cardio-Respiratory System so to prevent her Rib-Cage and Spine from collapsing and to ensure that she no longer has to struggle with her breathing.

With thousands of successful therapies behind us, you can be assured of our High Efficacy Rate for Musculoskeletal Disorders & Injuries because when it comes to NERVE, nobody does it better than NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE.

Well, don’t just take our word for it but put us to the test…

WhatsApp us at (+65) 8896 6529 for an appointment today and stay connected with us on Facebook:

nerve-physio CLINIQUE remains a wholly owned extension of VICTORIAN HERBAL and it is equally dedicated to Empowering A Healthier & Functional Community…

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