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While vehicular accidents have been a major cause of Whiplash Injuries, such injuries can also be caused during extreme sports, high impact contact-sports or falls.

Besides the regular complaints about excruciating pains and aches in the neck, shoulder and spine, other symptoms include sensory disturbance to the arms and legs, severe headaches or migraines while others may experience some impact to the cognitive functions, like an increase in irritability or being easily distracted.

In more serious cases, some patients may experience a deep chronic pain that seems to radiate from deep under the shoulder, which is non-reflective in nature, and this type of pain has proven to be very hard to treat.

At NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE, we have been treating patients with these conditions using Nerve- Decompression Technique to get to the roots of these problems, in order for us to help our patients regain better control of their lives.

Whiplash Injuries:

During an accident, the forces of the sudden impact can very easily cause severe injuries and strains to the Cervical Nerves (C1-C8) in our neck or may cause the nerves and its roots to be pinched.

Joint to these 8-pair of cervical nerves are 12-pair of Cranial Nerves connected to the cranium of the brain and another 12-pair of Thoracic Nerves in the Upper Spinal Cord, and chances are, some of these nerves may also be affected.

In cases where there is impact to the Cranial Nerve, patients may experience severe headaches or migraines, or pain to the upper back and shoulder region.

In other instances, sensory disturbances like experiencing “pins & needles” in the hands and legs may occur.

Post-Accident Treatments:

In minor cases, most of these injuries can be resolved over a few months with simple massage-therapy, use of Aspirin or rest.

For those with more serious injuries and are suffering from severe pains and aches to the head, neck, shoulder or back, they will definitely need some serious professional help to either get these conditions resolved or managed.

Treating serious Whiplash Injuries requires much experience and the use of advanced techniques, especially in the treatment of the sharp pain that radiate from deep within the shoulder.

At NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE, our propriety Nerve-Decompression Therapy has helped many patients over the years to recover from their spinal, disc and nerve injuries without the need for any surgery or expensive injections, and we are glad that we are able to extend our Nerve-Decompression Therapy to help those with Whiplash Injuries to take back control of their lives too.

For those who are looking to live a Pain-Free Life or want or take back control of their lives after an accident, please feel free to talk to us about it.

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[This is part of our Pain-Free Series on Pain Management]

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