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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Some individuals may suffer from post Covid-19 vaccination, especially on their second vaccine.

To relieve Headaches, Muscle-aches or General Discomfort, we recommend taking our ORGANIC ASPIRIN instead of over-the-counter medications.

Being All-Natural, it helps to go easy on your stomach without disrupting your Immune System.

Post-Vaccination Advisory:

It is strongly recommended to stay hydrated and well rested after vaccination, and best to avoid strenuous exercises.

This is to help our Immune System to recover and stay healthy.

For those who need organic supplement to fortify their Immunity or Respiratory System, we recommend our PTB IMMUNITY BOOSTER (can be taken as a brew or in capsule form) or our RESPIRATORY BOOSTER.

If you experience skin irritation or rashes due to possibility of an Allergy, you may want to try our ALLERGY BUSTER for quick relief.

Take your health seriously with Victorian Herbal.

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