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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Erectile Dysfunction, psychological inadequacy, emotional stress, depression, effect of aging and other inabilities & disabilities can drive some individuals to consider the extreme use of adulterated sex enhancement drugs just for that one moment of joy despite knowing the high risks of their action.

It is like playing Russian Roulette for something that is obviously not worth the risks as those who suffer from complications can end up dead, become permanently incapacitated or be paralyzed for life.

Should the blood vessels in the genital become damaged, gangrene can set in and this will require the need of an amputation.

Sexual disabilities and the inabilities to engage in naturally induced sex has an endocrine, psychological & circulatory perspectives, and the best advice for anyone seeking a solution to these health problems is to remember that there is no short cut in life.

The best solution forward is to help the body to restore and balance itself naturally.

As such, there is a need to restore the Root Chakras, one of the vital meridians in Ayurveda that is responsible for our reproductive and urinary functions which includes our Prostate and Bladder.

That is why anyone suffering from these problems tend to also experience some urinary problems, chronic water retention in their lower body or have their sleep disrupted by the need to go to the toilet. These in turn will cause lethargy, depression and may aggravate other chronic diseases.

At Victorian Herbal, we strongly recommend either our ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY or our REPRODUCTIVE THERAPY to help restore the inner vitality or “Qi” so that the vital muscles, nerves, blood vessels and the related organs can be re-energized from within to restore the circulation back into balance.

Our REPRODUCTIVE THERAPY is recommended for couples who are trying to start a family as healthier reproductive organs from both parents can greatly enhance their chance to conceive and their bundle of joy is also more likely to benefit from the good health of their parents - healthy parents, healthy babies.

To supplement the therapy for the restoration of vital organs and circulation around the Root Chakras, we have formulated LIBIDO REJUVENATOR to help our customers speed up the recovery of their Reproductive & Urinary functions.

For those with minor symptoms or experience occasional problems, they can use the LIBIDO REJUVENATOR to help compensate or cope with the intermediary deficiency in circulation or stress, or use them as part of their overall Preventive Healthcare needs.

Besides using only time-tested herbal extracts, all the ingredients used are also independently batch-tested to ensure that there is no heavy metal, bacteria or any banned substances that are under the watch-list of international Health Regulators as part of our QUALITY ASSURANCE to our customers.

However complex or dire you may see your problem to be, it is never not worth the risks to be using any adulterated products, imported products from countries with poor health regulation or be enticed by promotion and wild promises on the internet.

Don’t just take our words for it and we encourage you to share this article with your doctors for their advice before making any purchases.

With Victorian Herbal, you can always be assured that our products and therapies are formulated to resolve the root causes of your health problems.

Time to restore your inner vitality and balance with us, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere…

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