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The Sciatic Nerve is the largest, longest & widest single nerve in our body, and when strained, injured or pinched, it can cause our body to suffer from stiffness or excruciating pain & ache.

As it will adversely impede some basic functions like sitting or standing, the risk of falling or further injuring oneself is thus escalated.

If you are still struggling with a Strained Sciatic Nerve and are having trouble sitting, standing or walking but are unable to find a doctor or an experienced therapist to help you resolve your injuries without the need for surgery or constant use of harmful pain-killer medication, ointment or drug, then it is definitely time for you to talk to us about it and get it fix for good.

As shared by many of our customers, most of them have been scammed by unethical sales-persons who are only interested in selling their Therapy Package consisting of 12, 24 or 48 sessions so that they can end up earning more commission out of your misery.

Just ask yourself and those sales-persons – why do they need so many sessions just to restore a Strained Sciatic Nerve?

Even when there may be some unresolved underlying medical conditions, it still does not take so many sessions to arrive at a conclusive outcome, and as such, it is still in your best interest to think and wise up.

Nerve-Physio Clinique:

Using a systematic integration of our proprietary NERVE DECOMPRESSION Techniques with advanced therapies from Sports Science, Martial Arts & TCM, and Active Release techniques used in rehabilitation of Occupational, Sports & Stroke-Related Injuries, we are able to consistently deliver a SUCCESS RATE of up to 95% in effectively resolving stiffness, pains & aches due to Strained Sciatic Nerve within the first session.

For those with Unresolved Back or Hip Injuries that are impinging their Sciatic Nerve or when there is an associated Pinched Nerve condition and those diagnosed with Degenerative or Slipped Disc, we will need to resolve the underlying injuries first, and as such, may need more than a session.

Yes, we have several cases where our customers, who had been scheduled for surgery by their doctors decided to hold back their surgeries and give NERVE DECOMPRESSION a try, and the Good News is that we have managed to restore most of these cases and they now no longer need surgery as they are already Pain-Free.

In more challenging cases when the Sciatic or associated nerves are extremely inflamed or injured, like those suffering from Fibromyalgia, we will have to concurrently look into NERVE-REPAIR while administrating our therapy in order to bring a desirable outcome for these customers.

So why subject yourself to the risks of further injuries or put up with unresolved pains that are disruptive to your work & social life when you can resolve them for good?

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