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When the Flora-Health of our Gut is disrupted, we will end up struggling with either constipation on one hand or chronic diarrhea on the other hand.

In cases of food poisoning, we will not only have diarrhea but are likely to experience vomiting, fatigue, and abdominal pain or feel feverish too.

For constipation, the Rule of Thumb is 3: 1 or 1:3, which means that while it is desirable to be passing your bowels daily, it is still normal should we “occasionally” pass bowels up to three times daily or once every three days due to our diet, weather or lifestyle’s stress level as nervousness can also trigger diarrhea-like symptoms.

When it comes to Gut Health, Ayurveda clearly has an edge over TCM, Western Herbal Medicine and even Mainstream Medical given their long history in using herbs to fortify the gut against widespread food & water poisoning.

As VICTORIAN HERBAL transcends Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine & Ayurveda to bring our customers the best Herbal Formulation that is not only effective but also time-tested, we are delighted that our GUT & COLON HEALTH is finally being recognized by our customers for its effectiveness against:

✅ Diarrhea

✅ Food Poisoning

✅ Constipation

✅ Intestinal & Colon Health

✅ Leaky Gut Syndrome & Stomach Ulcer

GUT & COLON HEALTH not only helps to restore the body’s natural Flora Balance by helping to purge out toxic and harmful microbial from our body when we suffer from food or water poisoning but is equally important in helping our gut to synthesize Vitamin K, aids in the digestion of cellulose and promote Angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) and Enteric Nerve Function to fortify our Immune & Endocrine Systems since 70% of our Immune System is in our Gut.

With so many essential functions at risk should your Gut gets upset or constipated, it pays to take good care of your Gut Health by keeping your Gut Flora in balance and “happy”.

So, the next time you have any of these Gastro-Disorders, it is highly advisable to address the underlying health issues more holistically rather than just focusing on removing the symptoms of we want our Gut to continue to help us stay healthy and be well fortified against dangerous microbial.

For those who are adverse or against the harmful or disruptive effects of antibiotics or synthetic drugs on our Gut System, they now can take comfort in using this ancient Ayurveda-Formulation that is used to formulate our GUT & COLON HEALTH Herbal Supplement.

Our GUT & COLON HEALTH can also be used as a mouth gargle for the occasional mouth-ulcer, chronic gum disorders or for the removal of sulfuric breath (diabetic’s breath).

Don’t just take our word for it and put us to the test…

* To use as a mouth gargle, simply break open a capsule, pour out contents into a cup, add warm water and stir.

Victorian Herbal - it is all about Empowering a Healthier & Functional Community.

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