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While his love for Rugby & Boxing have allowed Nanthakumar to attain much satisfaction in his pursuit of sporting excellence, it has also resulted in him sustaining some serious injuries over the years.

Despite being the Defending Champion for the Super Heavyweight Category in the Singapore National Boxing Championship from 2005 to 2009, he too had to give up defending his Championship Title after sustaining a serious injury to his Shoulder-Joint in 2009 while the injuries to his Lower Spine & Sciatic Nerve were getting from bad to worse.

As he could not find any physician or therapist who has the expertise to help him resolve his injuries holistically, he knew that he can never attain the optimal condition needed for these High-Impact Sports and finally decided to give up his passion for Sports altogether by 2010.

But when serious injuries like these are not properly mitigated or unresolved, they will ultimately take their toll on the overall health and mental wellness of these sports-persons.

After some 12 years of looking around for treatments and enduring the excruciating pains inflicted by these injuries, a business associate of Nanthakumar finally recommended him to NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE.

After 4 sessions of Nerve-Decompression Therapy @ NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE, he is now able to regain up to 90% recovery for the injuries in his Lower Spine & Sciatic Nerve while his Shoulder-Joint has also improved by more than 60% and he is now able to effortlessly do weight-workout like 15-kg Bicep-Curls without those nagging pains, stiffness & aches.

With better Sleep Quality, he can now sleep better and work better, and no longer suffers from chronic fatigue or other nagging aliments that comes from years of injuries and intense-training.

This has prompted him to continue engaging NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE to help him regain his overall fitness & health for life after sports.

For those who are still suffering from unresolved injuries like Nanthakumar and truly aspire to take back control of their life, do make an appointment with NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE today to experience the restorative effect of our Nerve Decompression Therapy.

To schedule for an appointment, simply WhatsApp us at +65 8896 6529


Using a systematic integration of our proprietary NERVE DECOMPRESSION Techniques with advanced therapies from Sports Science, Martial Arts & TCM, and Active Release techniques used in rehabilitation of Occupational, Sports & Stroke-Related Injuries, NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE is able to consistently deliver a SUCCESS RATE of up to 95% in effectively resolving stiffness, pains & aches within the first session.

Nerve-Decompression Therapy can also be used to re-optimize your overall Nerve System to improve your overall Joint-Range for Sports-Optimization or improve the health of your Respiratory System and Cardio-Circulation System to enhance your overall Vitality from within.

For those who had been told that surgery remains their last option, we strongly encourage them to try our Nerve-Decompression Therapy as there are many others who had been treated successfully and no longer needed surgery to resolve their injuries, pains, aches or stiffness.

Well don’t just take our words for it.

Talk to your doctors about deferring your surgery and put us to the test by arranging for a therapy session so that you can decide if therapy or surgery is your best option going forward.

NERVE-PHYSIO CLINIQUE remains a wholly owned extension of VICTORIAN HERBAL and it is equally dedicated to Empowering A Healthier & Functional Community…

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