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Yes, you can now experience a Full “NERVE DECOMPRESSION” Therapy @ Victorian Herbal.

By integrating our proprietary “NERVE DECOMPRESSION” Technique with advanced therapies from Sports Science, Martial Arts, TCM & Active Release techniques used for occupational injuries, Victorian Herbal is pleased to offer a unique range of therapies that naturally resolve up to 95% of aches & pains within an hour, without the use of any pain-killer, medication or nerve-suppressing drug.

By decompressing the nerves and joints as naturally as possible, the whole ranges of your body’s musculoskeletal components, from the nerves to its tendons, muscles & joints can be re-optimized back to its original functional range.

Whether you are in pain or feeling sore, or simply feeling lethargic or just need a tone-up of your Musculoskeletal & Nerve Systems to shake off those stress and tension from your body, we are confident that you will find our NERVE DECOMPRESSION Therapy an essential part of your Holistic Wellness Program.

We even have several customers who are 90-over years old and they have been using our therapy to stay pain & ache free.

Full Body’s NERVE DECOMPRESSION Therapy @ s$120 / 45-minute session:

For those with unresolved “old” injuries, we may extend the therapy session, on a case-by-case basis, to resolve as much of those old injuries as possible, without additional charges.

Once restored, your body will feel lighter, pain-free and doing physical exercises or having a game of golf, or simply chilling out with your friends & loved ones will become much more enjoyable, once again.

Don't just take our word for it, try it today and say goodbye to your pains & aches…

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