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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Fighting obesity and the pursuit of weight-management are real challenges for some individuals. Unfortunately, most of them have been badly exploited by irresponsible businesses propagating unethical selling which targets their fear & helplessness.

To put the logic & facts in context, fighting obesity or managing weight has to start with being healthy and the reversing the underlying contributing-issues so that we can regain back our health. This means that there is an urgent need to fortify our Gut Health and the health of our kidney, liver, pancreas, heart and our muscles, among others.

We need to be smarter about our food, physical activity & sleep, so that our body can be functional.

Until our body is healthy (again), our fight against obesity remains an uphill task as it takes a lot of determination to keep fighting, and many ends up missing out of the many good things that life has to offer. That is not really smart or desirable.


When we were approached with inquiries about Weight-Loss Management, we realized that quite a number of individuals were not even conscious about what exactly they want to lose, and without intervention, some of them may even end up losing their health needlessly.

It is easy for us to create an instant weight loss program that displaces water out of your body or introduce you to some form of deprivation of food. Ethically, this is irresponsible selling as it puts your health at great risk. Our body needs the water, nutrients and many other essentials from our food to stay healthy.

Being unhealthy can only aggravate your obesity and weight management challenges. Think about it!

If your fight against obesity or your pursuit of weight management is to be fruitful, it has to be about making you healthier first, so that your body can function and has the vitality to sustain and contribute to your fight.

What do we want to lose exactly?

Excessive fat and water retention are detrimental to our overall health as they weigh us down. It is like carrying excessive load, day in, day out. We can get tired very easily and our vital organs will also go into fatigue-mode. At this stage, things can only get from bad to worse.

As such, we strongly recommend that fighting obesity or managing weight has to firstly be about getting our body to be healthy again so that it can burn out those excessive fats on its own. Once our body is healthy & functional, water retention will also be self-eradicated.

Can Victorian Herbal help individuals seeking to fight obesity & manage their weight?

The simple answer is yes.

If you are conscious of the challenges that you are facing, and are realistic in your pursuit, talk to us about it.

Victorian Herbal will be glad to work with you to firstly regain your health, and concurrently set out a progressive Weight Loss Program so that you can almost effortlessly lose up to 12-kilos or more annually. Slow and steadily, we can definitely win the race.

If you are realistic and committed, we can definitely achieve some positive outcome with our Customized Solution to help you fight your obesity or manage your weight, non-intrusively, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere.

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