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The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a timely Wake-Up for many to learn about the harmfulness of viruses and its toxins.

Despite surviving and recovering from a Viral-Attack, some people may continue to experience nasty irritation at their throat that just doesn’t want to go away while others may experience a change in their taste buds and may find food less appealing.

THE REASON - when the virus goes into our body through our nose & mouth, they will progressively move into the Nasal & Oral Cavities, and as they start to multiply, they will also produce wastes that are toxic to our body.

As these toxins start to build up in the various cavities, it is only natural that our body attempt to purge them out by coughing.

Unfortunately, it is not easy for the body to cough away these stubborn toxins on their own.

But with the help of our 100-DAY COUGH RECOVERY THERAPY PACK, you can now help your body to recover and also reduce those nasty coughing by using our Therapy Pack to purge those toxins out of your cavities, naturally.

When used as a Tonic Brew, our 100-DAY COUGH RECOVERY PACK will help relieve the irritation of the “100-Day Cough” & “Smoker’s Cough” by helping the body to loosen and clear those nasty toxins from the deep within the recesses of your Nasal & Oral Cavities, effortlessly.

When used as part of your Preventive Healthcare, it can also be used to disrupt the formation of virus in those cavities, and thus, reduces the risks of getting another Viral-Attack.

Yes, with VICTORUAN HERBAL, it is all about being Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere…

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