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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

If you are getting irritated by the 100-Day Cough, here is the Good News - You can now get rid of that irritating cough from within and put an end to your suffering with our 100-DAY COUGH RECOVERY PACK.

That nasty whooping 100-Day Cough is medically known as Pertussis and there is now an easy way to reduce the severity of this highly contagious & irritating bacterial disease effective, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere with Victorian Herbal.

Our new 100-DAY COUGH RECOVERY PACK, now available in the form of a 3-in-1 Therapy Pack, is loaded with Premium Herbal Formulations to firstly disrupt the Bordetella Pertussis bacterium from adhering to the Epithelium membrane of the Pharynx of your upper respiratory system with its strong Anti-Microbial properties

The formulation also helps to prevent the bacteria from multiplying and spreading down to the lungs, so as to reduce the risks of the bacteria secreting its toxins that are responsible for those irritating & nasty cough.


The 100-DAY COUGH RECOVERY PACK is packed in a 3-in-1 Therapy Pack, containing 3 bottles of formulations.

Simply break one of each bottle (total of three capsules) and empty the contents into a cup, then pour warm water (50-60 degree Celsius) and mix it well.

Simply “SIP, GARGLE & SWALLOW” and keep repeating until you finish the whole cup of brew.

Repeat the whole process a few times a day to help keep your Nasal Cavity and throat hydrated and well-coated with the formulations so that your body can effectively disrupt the bacteria and not allow it a free ride to cause you more irritating than necessary.

Reduce The Overuse Of Antibiotics:

This Therapy Pack is also useful for those who are getting concern about the causal use of antibiotics as the overuse of antibiotics can adversely compromise our overall immune system to cope with open surgical procedures in the future or may cause the antibiotics to be ineffective against many prevailing strains of bacteria & viruses that have managed to evolve.

As whooping coughs like these are known to have caused Pneumothorax or the collapse of lungs as air leaks into the space between the lung and the chest wall, it may not be wise to just put up with the nasty cough.

So do something about it before your medical condition get worse.

This Therapy Pack is also useful in addressing the discomfort of the Common Cold, Sinus Infections (Sinusitis) and other Respiratory or Ear, Nose & Throat “ENT” infections or discomforts.

Taking Initiative For Your Own Health:

For those who are not vaccinated against the Pertussis bacterium or smoke, or work or live in an environment that may be contaminated with chemical pollutants, like those working in the kitchen of F&B outlets, industrial workshops or where heavy amount of chemicals are used, like in the pest-control or water treatment industries, the use of our ORGANIC VITAMINS to supplement this Recovery Pack may be essential to stop further aggravation of their inflamed airway and nasal cavity, and worsen their condition.

Prolonged aggravation of the airway and nasal cavity will lead to cellular inflammation in the Nose & Throat, and over time, these inflammations may grow into tumour and pose serious health risks.

For those seeking to fortify their overall Respiratory System to put an end to these medical conditions, Victorian Herbal strongly recommends the use of this 100-DAY COUGH RECOVERY PACK together with our ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY so that besides fortifying their overall Immune, Cardio & Respiratory systems, they can also acquire new techniques to cope with the chronic irritation of the VAGUS NERVE that involuntary control our organs and other vital functions.

Time for you to “Take Back Control of Your Health” by putting an end to the misery of having to endure helplessly with such nasty cough and irritations simply by using our 100-DAY COUGH RECOVERY PACK, Hassle Free, Anytime, Anywhere…

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