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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Gout is a dreadful medical condition as the pain suffered is not only excruciating painful but it can lasts for several days to several weeks.

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Understanding Gout:

Purines from seafood and beans are converted by our body into Uric Acid, an organic waste.

Troubles begin when our Liver is unable to produce the required enzymes to break these non-water soluble wastes that are trapped within our body.

As our Kidneys are unable to process wastes that are non-water soluble, the buildup of Uric Acid will lead to the formation of sharp crystal in and around our joints.

When left unmitigated, it will finally reach an acute level of pain over time and the pain will stay as long as the Uric Acid remains trapped in our joints.

To resolve painful Gout-attacks, our Liver will need to release Uricase naturally, a Hepatic Enzyme, to convert the non-water soluble Uric Acid into Allantoin, which is water soluble so that the kidneys can discharge as waste out of our body.

This is why our GOUT BUSTER & URIC ACID DISRUPTOR have been so popular with Gout sufferers, in helping them to holistically resolve their Gout condition from within.

Taking a holistic approach in resolving Gout is definitely better than using synthetic drugs to suppress the pains but without addressing the underlying medical conditions and its discrepancies.

The Good News is that besides Gout, you can now EAT YOUR WAY BACK TO HEALTH for a range of other medical conditions.

If you are suffering from Joint Pain, Joint Inflammations, Digestive Disorders, Swelling of the Gums, Nasal Sinuses, Diarrhea, Allergies, Constipation or seeking to improve your Post Surgery recovery, you can now open up the capsules of our GOUT BUSTER & URIC ACID DISRUPTOR and sprinkle them over a regular plate Papaya & Pineapple.

By taking the plate of fruits with sprinkled herbal extracts from our GOUT BUSTER & URIC ACID DISRUPTOR regularly for a month or two, the Bromelian enzyme from the Pineapple and the Papain enzyme from the Papaya will collectively help your Liver to further restore its natural ability to release vital enzymes to help your body break down non-water soluble wastes before they become inflammatory or cause you to suffer needless pain.

Taking a plate of papaya & pineapple sprinkled with our GOUT BUSTER & URIC ACID DISRUPTOR regularly is also highly recommended for those suffering from Diabetes, Cancer or other inflammatory medical conditions.

With Victorian Herbal, you can now literally Eat Your Way Back To Health, Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere with us…

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