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When the blood supply to the brain is blocked or ruptured, the brain cells and its surrounding connective tissues will die as they are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, resulting in a medical condition known as stroke.

What is most debilitating about stroke is that it can cause the person to lose the ability to do simple things like standing, walking or talking, causing some to suffer from depression, frustration or becoming heavily dependent on others for all their basic needs.

About 3% of all new stroke patients are likely to have a second stroke within the first 30 days of their first stroke while 30% are likely to have a second stroke within the first 2 years and disability-risks from stroke can only get more severe with each recurring stroke.

With highly calibrated therapy and use of supplements, most stroke patients can recover most of their lost functions and motor-skills.

But for any Stroke Recovery to be effective, it must go beyond restoring the basic bodily functions as the need to repair the damaged nerves and blood vessels, and also reduce the risks of a recurring stroke are important medical parameters that need addressing too.

Comprehensive Stroke Recovery Therapy:

The first step in any Comprehensive Stroke Recovery Therapy will be to address the stress, poor dietary and lifestyle-behaviours associated with Stroke, High Blood Pressure & Circulatory Disorders.

Until a reasonable change is effected that can reverse these root-causes, those who had survived a minor or Transient Ischemic Attack “TIA” should not assume that simply taking some medication to thin the blood or reduce the blood pressure will be sufficient to help them prevent another stroke as the condition of their blood vessels may already be severely weakened or compromised.

For the body to recover by itself, there is a need to improve the overall circulation of blood to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the body and brain to reduce inflammation and promote healing from within.

As such, there is a critical need to incorporate a change in breathing within the therapy to help stroke patients restore their overall Cardio-Respiratory Circulation (known in TCM as the “Qi”) in order to lower their Blood Pressure and stress-related tensions from within.

That is why ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY is being incorporated as a standard practice in all our Stroke Recovery Therapy to help our customers restore their body’s natural “Qi” needed promote healing from within.

Those with low natural vitality will find themselves struggling to keep their body functional and their bodies may be too weak or lack the nutrients needed to restore their “Qi” or repair those damaged nerves and blood vessels.

That is why at NERVE-PHYSIO, our Stroke Recovery Therapy entails the use of WELLNESS 1-2-3 and NERVE-REPAIR 1-2-3 that are specially formulated by VICTORIAN HERBAL to improve the efficacy of our therapy.

With greater vitality that also promotes the repair of damaged nerves and blood vessels, stroke patients can now better-cope with our therapy:

✅ Feel less sensitive to their nerves, muscles & ligaments being pressed or when exerted upon

✅ Have more energy and vitality needed to continue with their therapy

✅ Faster recovery of their nerve-functions

✅ More calm and relaxed - lower stress & lower blood pressure

✅ Lower depression & frustration - less stress on their care-givers

With a proper or well-designed Stroke Recovery Therapy, stroke patients will generally feel less frustrated or depressed when they know that others are able to empathize with their condition, and this is vital to encourage them to look beyond their struggles and focus on their recovery from this debilitating medical condition.

That is why before we commence with any Stroke Recovery Therapy, we will establish a mutual understanding with all our customers and their care-givers to ensure that they will be equally serious about their health as we are with our therapy.

So if you are one of those who are very serious about seeking an effective Stroke Recovery Therapy to help restore your condition and regain back your life, talk to us about it.

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