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Victorian Herbal is pleased to launch our range of exquisite Spicy Herbal Sauce, starting with our CLASSIC, so that our customers can literally eat their way back to health.

As this herbal sauce requires very laborious preparation to turn all the freshly harvested spices, greens and herbs into a sumptuous delight that will transform any simple meal into a sumptuous indulgence, it was only the rich upper class and the colonial-elites who could afford this traditional indulgence, but not anymore.

This spicy herbal sauce from the colonial era was brought back to life by the founder of The Straits Kitchen in early 2000, along with other Nasi Padang & Straits’ delights.

Victorian Herbal is exclusively marketing the original herbal sauce as a "CLASSIC", infused with several of our premium tonic herbal extracts such as Ginseng, Cordyceps and Lingzhi so that our customers can continue to enjoy this exquisite indulgence that nature and our tradition have to offer.

Its ingredients are still 100% make up of only fresh spices, greens and premium herbal extracts, and is suitable for those on a Vegetarian, Halal or Kosher diet as all the herbal extracts used are Organic, Halal & Kosher certified.

For those who are unable to take spiciness, a “CLASSIC - Reduced Spiciness” version has been formulated so that more people can experience the magical aroma & taste of this exquisite Herbal Sauce.

Either way, customers will be delighted with not just the exquisite taste but also the Vitality, Immunity & Rejuvenating benefits that this traditional herbal sauce has to offer.

For Ayurveda & Qigong practitioners, they will be delighted by the sensory-detoxification of their chakras, from their nasal to their Solar Plexus Chakra, each time they indulge in this herbal sauce. Don’t just take our words but go put us to the test and experience first-hand the delightful sensory experience this Spicy Herbal Sauce has to offer.

To address the growing lifestyle and chronic disease needs, we will be launching this exquisite herbal sauce with wider formulations in the coming days so that Diabetics, Gout sufferers and even those on Weight Loss or having Sexual or Reproduction impairments can also eat their way back to better health, so stay connected with us.

Time to eat your way back to good health the Victorian way, which is Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere.

To place your order for our Spicy Herbal Sauces which is freshly packed in 190g glass bottle, kindly visit our showroom @ Chinatown [Blk 52 #02-27 Chin Swee Road Singapore 160052] or WhatsApp your order and payment to 8896 6529:

- Classic: $12

- Classic (Reduced Spiciness): $12

As only limited quantities will be produced on a daily basis to ensure that all bottles are freshly prepared, kindly check with us via WhatsApp before making any payment for your order.

Alternatively, you can also order in advance and upon receipt of confirmed order/payment, you can collect your order after 3 calendar days at our showroom, unless otherwise advised.

The above Recommended Selling Price "RSP" is based on self-collection. Third party delivery charges will be levied for those who request for delivery services, if available, as all orders must be delivered within two hours of collection to ensure their freshness.

From Friday, 18th December 2020 onwards, the Classic (Regular) will also be available on Foodpanda, subjected to availability of our daily prepared stocks.

Social Enterprise Initiative: This Functional Food initiative is part of our effort in the Social Empowerment of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the F&B sector. We will be promoting them directly once their new operations for Functional Food have been re-established.

Victorian Herbal is all about Empowering A Healthier & Functional Community...


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