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Stroke Recovery Therapy

Reduce The Incidence of Future Stroke & Reconditioning Injured Nerves

  • 1 hour
  • $580 [5 Sessions]
  • Chin Swee Road

Service Description

STROKE RECOVERY THERAPY @ VICTORIAN HERBAL: Victorian Herbal is pleased to introduce our Stroke Recovery Therapy to help our customers: A. Reduce inflammation of affected nerves, regulate their breathing and activate their Acu-Points to reduce risks of future stroke; B. Reduce chronic pains to regain the functions of their affected nerves; C. Extend the range of body movements back to near-normal; D. Fortify their "Qi" or vitality needed to promote internal healing and improve blood circulation so that they can take back control of their lives. With active participation in the therapy, a recovery of between 70% to 90% normalcy is possible. Stroke Prevention: Stroke is a dreadful disease as it reduces the quality of life for many. As such, keeping the body healthy is definitely the wiser choice. For those who may be at risks, here are some Alternative Options that they can consider to reduce the risks of a Stroke: ACTIVE BREATHING THERAPY: To reduce the risks of Stroke, we strongly recommend this Cardio-Intense therapy to fortify the body's Internal Vitality or Qi needed to boost the Cardio, Respiratory, Digestive and overall Nerves, Organs & Muscle Health from within. PTB GREEN TEA: Taking this supplement from our range of Premium Tonic Brew "PTB" can help to reduce plague build-up and boost the overall health of the arteries and blood vessels. ORGANIC ASPIRIN: To reduce the risks of blood clots or damage to arteries, blood vessels and organs when experiencing high or erratic blood pressure, this supplement acts as an Organic Anticoagulant that reduces the thickness of the blood. For best result, drink plenty of water when using this supplement to try and keep Stroke at bay. PTB RED SAGE: To help recovery from Viral Infections like Dengue or Covid-19, this supplement will help to increase the White Blood Count needed to fortify our Immune System, reduce risks of Blood Clots and improve our overall Cardio & Circulatory Health. Learn More About Strokes: When a person suffers from a stroke, they basically suffer from a disruption of blood flow and oxygen to the brain. If it is caused by a blocked artery, it is called Ischemic Stroke while a stroke that is caused by a leaking or bursting of a blood vessel is known as Hemorrhagic Stroke. READ MORE: MORE INFORMATION: WhatsApp +65 8896 6529

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at Least 24 hours in advance

Contact Details

  • Victorian Herbal, Chin Swee Road, Singapore


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