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Spicy Herbal Sauce | Classic | Vegan ▪ Halal ▪ Kosher ▪ Organic


Eat Your Way Back To Good Health...


Thanks To The Straits Kitchen, We Are Glad To Present This Exquisite Spicy Herbal Sauce, Once An Exclusive Indulgence Of The Rich & Famous, A Heritage From Our Colonial Past, To All Our Customers.


Time To Put The Nutrients & Basic Essentials Delightfully & Exquisitely Back Into Our Food, And Make Them Functional Again…


Our Spicy Herbal Sauce Is Infused With Several Of Our Premium Tonic Herbal Extracts Such As Ginseng, Cordyceps And Lingzhi & Freshly Prepared With 100% Fresh Ingredients.


For Use As A Nutritious Dipping Sauce Or Simply Mix With Olive/Coconut Oil & Vinegar To Create Nutritious Salad Dressing.


Chefs’ Recommendation: This Exquisite Spicy Herbal Sauce Tastes Exceptionally Well With Salad, Fried Or Grilled Fish/Chicken, Tofu, Seafood, Cut-Fruits Or Noodles…


Eat Your Way Back To Good Health The Victorian Way, Which Is Hassle-Free, Anytime, Anywhere…


Storage Instruction: Keep Refrigerated At All Times


Quality Assurance: No Use Of Fillers, Binders Or Preservatives. Herbs Used Are Organic - Free From Use Of Pesticides & Chemicals


Net Weight: 190 Grams


Formulated & Packed In Singapore By Victorian Herbal Company


  • The Recommended Selling Price "RSP" is based on self-collection at our Showroom @ Chinatown [Blk 52 #02-27 Chin Swee Road Singapore 160052]

    Third party delivery charges will be levied for those who request for delivery services, if available, as all orders must be delivered within three [3] hours of collection to ensure their freshness.

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