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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Get In Shape

  • 1 h
  • $3,800 Full Package
  • Chin Swee Road

Service Description

12-WEEK WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE BY VICTORIAN HERBAL: Obesity, the constant obsession over weight issues or its associated chronic medical conditions can be a very frustrating experience for many individuals and it is indeed disturbing that unethical business owners have never stopped trying to exploit their plights with the false promises of “miracle cures”. If you are still looking for a Weight Loss miracle that can restore your weight problem overnight or radically, then you can forget about Victorian Herbal. Just take a look at the reality TV show, The Big Loser and you will realize that all extreme loss of weight will ultimately require an equally extreme daily exercise & dietary regime just to keep those fats from returning with a vengeance and this will literally disrupt your social, work & family life, if it has yet to leave you broke or caused you to suffer from unnecessary joint and body pains. As those weights are gained over time, be realistic and accept that for any Weight Loss to work in a sustainable manner and without risks to your health, the reversal should also be gradual but progressive. Isn’t it ironic that some extreme weight loss programmes actually demand that you eat unhealthily or be pushed to extreme performance or engage in impact-sports when you are already struggling to find the energy to walk? At Victorian Herbal, our WEIGHT LOSS THERAPY is designed to firstly correct your natural breathing-technique for the restoration of your internal vitality or “Qi”, and together with our WEIGHT LOSS 1-2-3, the increase in your body’s metabolic rate will then effortlessly burn away those unwanted fats, reverse some of your chronic medical conditions and restore your overall health. Coupled with a lesson to prepare simple and yet highly nutritious desserts and beverages, there is no need to make any drastic change to your diet and lifestyle too. Without health and a functional lifestyle, why bother to lose weight in the first place? READ MORE: MORE INFORMATION: WhatsApp: +65 8896 6529

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at Least 24 hours in advance

Contact Details

  • Victorian Herbal, Chin Swee Road, Singapore


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